Social Justice

In reaction to the dismissal of dozens of striking UC Santa Cruz graduate student workers on Friday Feb. 28, UCSF students held sit-ins at both the Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses on Wednesday, March 4.

A dangerous trend is arising from the mass shooting epidemic we find ourselves — blaming mental illness.

The voices of UCSF stretch across all backgrounds and walks of life, and they are calling out to be heard.

Minority students at UCSF face a unique set of challenges that broader diversity and stronger inclusivity would go a long way to resolving, according to a new Diversity Committee dedicated to bridging that gap.

I turned on the news and my home was underwater. Drowning.

I was just back in Houston for a visit in May. It was still true: everything in Texas is bigger, even bigger than you remember, especially after you’ve been away a while.

“How do you make a movement sustainable with drastic change?”