Student Life

[Tied for third place in the Synapse Storytelling Contest creative writing category.] June 20, 2020 Just breath deeply -  I tell him, pressing the creases of the mask around his nose, mouth.

In January, as I prepared to start my traditional “third year” clinical clerkships, I was feeling nervous. In particular, I was feeling nervous about my physical exam skills, which I worried had been underdeveloped as a result of the pandemic.

[Third place winner in the Synapse Storytelling contest personal essay category.] Happy Pride! I’m writing this with a literal rainbow on my tushie. On my underwear. Which are under my shorts.

A new unique timely campus organization is helping students learn and be a part of COVID-19 research and breakthroughs with the new COVID-19 Innovation and Discovery Research Interest Group of UCSF.

I grew up with a passion for stories and storytelling. This was in large part due to my grandfather’s influence. His story began in 1925, born to a Kurdish family in Syria. The Kurds are an ethnic minority in Syria who have been historically oppressed and denied civil rights, including government representation and access to education.
It took a global pandemic for me to realize that a bucket-list trip could be just a drive away. I was finally preparing for an adventure that I had looked forward to my entire life: backpacking through the Peruvian Andes. The reservations were booked and my gear was ready nearly a year in advance. Then Covid hit.

As we wrap up the 65th year of Synapse’s publication, I’m reminded that in 2019, we were preoccupied with fake news. We were convinced that bubbles were the problem.

On a sunny weekend in February, my friend met me and opened a backpack to reveal a small measuring device shaped like a c and a slip of paper. This was a California fishing license, and we were about to go foraging.

It’s my first year of grad school. Because of the pandemic, all of our classes have been online, so the first time that I actually met my professors was at an end of quarter breakfast hour put on by a few of my classmates.

This is a photo of my dog Zayneh who passed away