Student Life


We are but a heap of stardust

Blessed with the mind

For a brief moment of time.

Burn bright.”

Igor Mitrovic, M.D.

“Following Jesus Christ has been the central theme in my life since college, and doing so has helped me to understand myself and the world, with all its beauty and also brokenness.

“I believe that getting outdoors isn't so much a way to get into nature, as it is a way to remember that I am eternally a part of nature.

Grad school can definitely have its high and low moments, and we can all agree there are some weeks that are a unique kind of hell.

“Yoga is a meditation that has taught me that being tender, open, and present is beautiful. My yoga practice takes me beyond the physical, to a place where I can find awareness in the mind. 

“One of the first things I quickly learned at UCSF was that I am surrounded by brilliant people who carry massive achievements under their belts.

For UCSF graduate students, the question “What do you want to do after you graduate?” is not a simple one. Many of us enter into graduate school with the intent of becoming PIs, but that goal does not always last.

Over a hundred people squeezed into a packed auditorium Thursday, for what has been called “the closest thing UCSF has to a football game,”the UCSF Grad Slam competition.

Match Day is the culmination of the long residency application process that fourth year medical students (MS4s) began last September. This year, it falls on this Friday, March 18, so beware the packs of MS4s that are sure to be celebrating throughout the city.

“Even though UCSF was my first choice for medical school, the decision to come here was a difficult one. I was raised in an Iranian-American, Jewish community and grew up attending all-girl Orthodox schools.