Student Life

Picture of nursing student, Casey Jones.
"Today I sat at the bedside of a man with advanced ALS and discussed his medical choices for prolonging or ending his life. Later I worked with an Indonesian nurse on his resume as he seeks his first job in the US.

Did you know that all UCSF students signed an agreement upon enrollment that prohibited automated forwarding of UCSF e-mail to outside accounts such as Yahoo! and Gmail? No?

The Associated Students of Graduate Division (ASGD) met for their first meeting of the quarter on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at Mission Bay.

"School has always been a privilege for me. I always think about how I want to do my best because I want it to be worth the efforts my family has put forth.

The Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) had their first meeting on October 5th, 2015. A motivated group of leaders from all professional and graduate schools were present.

Image of Dr. Renee Navarro and students.
This year we are excited to welcome Denise Caramagno to the Diversity and Outreach team. Denise is UCSF’s CARE Advocate and provides crisis intervention and ongoing support at UCSF to survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence. This new position was mandated by UC President Napolitano across all campuses in the wake of recent events. Prior to UCSF, Denise has served as a victim advocate in the Office of the San Francisco District Attorney and with several nonprofit agencies in the East Bay.
We proudly welcome the incoming GPSA Board! We encourage you to meet your student representatives at our next GPSA meeting in October 2016, or by appointment. The GPSA Board members are introduced on our website at
School of Nursing Social

The Associated Students of the School of Nursing (ASSN) hosted the Spring Social on May 13, and it was a huge success!  Over 50 people attended the catered dinner from Carmelina’s and enjoyed drinks in the Nursing Mezzanine.

I am a first year dental student, and all first year students at UCSF are required to participate in the Interprofessional Education Curriculum (IPE).

“36 years ago, my family escaped Iran in the midst of a revolution that increasingly deprived followers of their religion, the Baha’i Faith, their basic human rights.