Student Life

Overall, I’ve had a really positive experience at UCSF so far. I have found inspiring mentors and role models to guide me in becoming the welcoming, thorough, passionate dentist I want to become. I loved anatomy lab and simulation lab because I love working with my hands and seeing my skills develop. The hardest part of my first quarter was actually homesickness because I’m a crybaby!
Every year the student body nominates two to three faculty for the honor of giving a lecture to answer the question “What would you say if it was the last lecture you were to ever give?” Students will vote in February for the faculty they would like to hear. To allow for adequate planning time, nominations must be made by Feb. 2. GPSA looks forward to the address of our voted mentor in the year 2015.

Throwback to the origin of the Synapse student newspaper in 1957, when a College of Dentistry newsletter evolved into a campus-wide paper "designed to provide a much needed source of communication on this campus." 


Dear Students:

I am pleased to announce the opening of Student Services at Mission Bay. Starting January 5, 2015, we will provide the following services on the first floor of Mission Hall:

Scientists often view fashion as a frivolous concern, but studies indicate that a person’s attire can significantly influence self-confidence.

Flyer with event information

“Time out,” my Foundations of Patient Care (FPC) facilitator interjected. Mrs. Henderson, the standardized patient, wilted: her shoulders relaxed, eyes closed, head tilted downward.

UCSF Student and Employee Wellness Program has put forth an initiative to eliminate sales of sugar-sweetened beverages, such as sodas, from all UCSF hospitals and campuses. This initiative is driven by UCSF mission of advancing health. Other UC campuses, such as UCLA have already implemented changes such as eliminating sale of sugared beverages and fried foods from the main hospital and campuses. GPSA voted to support the measure in order to improve the health of our patients, students, and employees.

Many in the scientific world wish they could communicate better. For non-native English speakers at UCSF, language skills can be a particular challenge.

The Associated Students of the School of Nursing kicked off the 2014‒2015 school year with a bang, with delicious food, drinks, and prizes.  More than 90 UCSF students, old and new, gathered at the Nursing Mezzanine on Wednesday, Oct.

A UCSF trainee has many responsibilities, so it is difficult to find time to pursue one’s passions outside of science and health care.  This is especially true for musicians, who often find it difficult to integrate music into their lives at UCSF.