Shuttles to Receive Major Tech Upgrades

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Imagine you’re at Mission Bay waiting for a shuttle to the Parnassus campus when the ball game at AT&T Park wraps up. Traffic in the area suddenly slows to a crawl.  Your shuttle is nowhere in sight, and you have no idea when it will arrive.

“The day games kill us,” said Erick Villalobos, associate director of Transportation Services. “All our shuttles run between 30 and 45 minutes behind schedule.”

Sometime this fall, a new GPS system will remove some of the guesswork behind your shuttle’s arrival time.

UCSF Transportation Services is installing a GPS system on all shuttles in the fleet, similar to San Francisco Muni's “NextBus” system. A smart phone app will display the actual location of UCSF shuttles, instead of showing only scheduled arrival times.

“This data is much more valuable,” said Villalobos. “You’ll be able to see if the shuttle is two or three blocks away. The GPS system is going to really help make people’s work life a lot easier by telling them where the shuttles actually are in real time.”

Transportation Services is also installing Wi-Fi on the Gold and Blue lines during the next few months. The Grey line is already outfitted with Wi-Fi. By June, all shuttle lines should be Wi-Fi enabled, allowing riders to access the Internet using laptops and mobile devices without a cellular connection.

Finally, Transportation Services has created a mini timetable to make it as easy as possible for riders to shuttle between Parnassus and Mission Bay. The user-friendly single page shows the immediate options between Parnassus and Mission Bay and is downloadable as a PDF from the Transportation Services web page.

On Aug. 20, 2012, new UCSF shuttle bus service schedules went into effect. The shuttle routes affected by the adjustments are the Blue, Gold, Grey, Red, Purple, Lime and Yellow.

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