University of California Regents are refusing to acknowledge a union that graduate student researchers across the UC system have voted overwhelmingly to form.

Haiti to San Francisco. Past one red star, or two, the journey’s far, and due.
Having detailed, in Part One, major events that led to Haiti’s founding, this section, or Part Two, traces how Haiti has visibly suffered at the hands of foreign powers.
Cap-Haïtien À La Une. Northern coast, a solar ghost.
These events helped create a frame of reference from which Haiti’s ongoing political crisis, as signaled by late President Jovenel Moïse’s recent assassination, can be better understood.
Citadelle Laferrière. Natural scenery, syncopal fervency, against France, sprees upper Haiti.
During the wee hours of June 7, 2021, Haiti’s 58th president, Jovenel Moïse, a 53-year-old father of three, two sons and a daughter, suffered a painful death. And Moïse’s killing transpired as his wife of 25 years, Martine, clung to life, gravely-injured, some distance away.

Originally published in Synapse on April 29, 1999. Small groups of animal rights activists raided the Cell Culture Facility and two nearby labs on Friday morning, April 23, overturning equipment, frightening employees, and causing thousan

The first caller was an architect who lived on Clayton Street. He lived within walking distance of the hospital, and he had a comment to make.
[Originally published in Synapse on April 23, 1998.] The 65 students who live in UCSF’s Turk St. apartments learned to their surprise Tuesday that the university hopes to phase out the building as student housing.

Originally published in Synapse on April 10, 1978.

The content of advertisements for non-prescription, over-the-counter drugs is under close scrutiny by the federal government and may be required to undergo radical changes.

UCSF students, residents, and staff are working to promote civic engagement across campus and the health system, as the general election nears on November 3.

Originally reported in Synapse on September 29, 1988. UCSF will begin conducting heart transplants this fall, Dr. Haile Debas, chairman of the Department of Surgery, announced on Sept. 21.