Rides at the Puyallup Fair. Yes, we were there from opening to close, eating fair scones and purple cotton candy.

In the summer of 2013, as doctoral students at UCSF, we committed to initiate the first collaborative partnership with Makerere University’s Department of Nursing in Uganda under the Nurse-to-Nurse Global Initiative (NTNGI).

This summer, we conducted our six-week international advanced pharmacy practice rotation in Western Europe.

Despite the fact that I’ve absolutely loved my experiences as a third-year medical student, the hours on the wards mixed with the demands of studying — while constantly trying to learn, impress and care for others in ever-changing environments — c

I spent the summer working on developing a community-based rehabilitation program in rural Sargur, in the state of Karnataka, India. Following my month of volunteer work, I did some traveling in the state of Tamil Nadu.

It doesn’t happen often that I get to enjoy two different vacations in one summer, and one of them to a Caribbean destination: Puerto Rico.

“Ispara ai klakan, doctor. Latwan, doctor. Latwan!”

A rugged island nation with 40,000 square miles of arctic fjords, boiling hot springs and stunning cliffs, Iceland offers spectacular scenery and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure.

Honduras has a reputation as the new hub for drug
trafficking and as the country with the world’s highest murder rate and the 
most dangerous airport.

Picture of Authors at volcano

After completing the first year of my clinical psychology doctoral program, advanced students warned me that Year 1 summer was going to be the last summer of “free time” for the next several years.