Sunrise over Carmel by the Sea beach.

Big Surprise

Sunday, December 11, 2022

It was sunrise

Nail clipping of a moon, an incisor tooth

Peeking and covered again, the colors of the sky cut sloppily with children’s scissors

Birds nervously, giddily

It was a blue fade to light instead of darkness like usual, somehow wrong and too much

To see the sea still sleeping

Undulating, sun spotted. Not ending anywhere but meeting the sky with its belly in a bow bending over backwards. This was a kiss that swept you off your feet

On the beach at Carmel-by-the-sea because the wind was so strong we were laughing uncontrollably and running drunk

raining on the grey sand. I tried out a hundred different walks and still ended up at the water’s edge

where the creek met the ocean I scooped it in my mouth to test the saltiness

it tasted like tears

grey and rippling

my bedsheets piled in the morning

The sand was actually purple underneath the grey. It was garnet sand

It was bacon grease cooling on a rock in long white drips and fingers through my hair, under my knee, over my lip

It was cold coffee, a single piece of coffee that was really wine that was a pretzel that was a maple donut that we shared.

The dual tone sea with light blue behind the grey where it was clear

Behind pines, behind coastal oak and the smell of bay laurel

Behind the drizzle, all this water in the air

Things are tender green and wet. Breathing

The coffee filter steams

We are listening to Bob Dylan

My hands are pink and a little numb from washing dishes

Behind the cold water

the rushing creek

Is a blue fade