modern spacecraft landing on mars
You can be sure that it’s going to be a fun ride when you pick up a book with an astronaut on the cover that begins with the words: “I’m pretty much f--ked. That’s my considered opinion. F--ked.” After blazing through software engineer Andy Weir’s breakout novel The Martian, released in print in 2014, I wasn’t in the least surprised that it was already in production for a major motion picture starring Matt Damon. It’s just that good.

An old man lies prostrate in bed, his lips ringed in blue.  His chest rises and falls erratically and his eyes flutter occasionally.  His daughter holds his hand as he takes his last few breaths.  She kisses his forehead and draws the sheet over h

What do you get when you invite a group of like-minded writers to spend a week on an idyllic campus, immersed in creative writing and focused on the subject of healing?

No martial arts movie is complete without the flick of a foot that sends a foe soaring across the room, physics defying speed and agility and the stolid face of the master, as he gracefully turns his opponents’ gall into respect or demoralizing de

As I sat in the Student Health Clinic two weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to note the disappearance of all Big Macs (Supersize Me) from the television screen. Instead, a host of shocking statistics streamed by.

As one of the hundreds on campus struggling to maintain their New Year’s resolution to be “healthy,” I repeatedly find myself asking, “What does that really mean, anyway?” A.J.

The PG-13 Spanish-Canadian horror film Mama is a strong feature debut for director Andrés Muschietti: the pacing, tone and performances are all handled exceptionally well, and the film certainly delivers the uneasy anticipation and scares

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the big screen for his first leading role since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.  The former Governator has been seen in a cameo role in Expendables and then had a part in Expendables 2

One of my favorite childhood memories is going to Pizza Hut with my family to use our Book-It Book Club certificates for mini personal pan pizzas.

This Bond is different. Anyone who has seen either of Daniel Craig’s previous portrayals of the secret agent already knows this. Craig’s Bond is more visceral, action oriented and serious than previous versions of the famed super spy.