On Wednesday, April 13, Synapse hosted award-winning science journalists Nicholas St. Fleur.

Academia isn’t the only answer to a career path after PhD, though it may be the most typical one that comes into someone’s mind.

Science journalism has flooded our newsfeeds over the past year with daily stories about COVID-19. This urgent need for news has placed writers with science expertise at center stage.

It was a command performance that did not disappoint. Students across all UCSF schools chose Dr. Peter Chin-Hong to give the 2021 UCSF Last Lecture in a historically atypical virtual format on April 6.

In part 4 of Synapse's limited series, we ask UCSF Professor Dr.

Synapse: According to Biden, the purpose of the coronavirus advisory board is to “manage the surge of reported infections, ensure that the vaccines are safe, effective, and evenly distributed, and to protect at-risk populations.” However, in y

In part 2 of Synapse's limited series, we ask UCSF Professor Dr. Eric Goosby, a member of President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board, about how to move on from the previous administration. 

Today we present a Synapse limited series — an extensive Q&A with Dr.

As a career counselor at the Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD), my goal is to help you navigate your career successfully!

Ironically, research science has been recognized by institutions like the National Academy of Sciences as lacking research data on itself. In order to address this problem, organizations like the National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council have since placed an increasing emphasis on measuring and publishing data on the outcomes of PhD and postdoctoral training programs, as well as providing career development training at all stages.