“I promised that I would get up every day and serve as the best advocate I could be for UC… The fundamental responsibility of the President of the University of California is to make the connection between the institution and the people it serves—

The first thing you should know is that you don’t need a mentor – you need five of them. It’s almost impossible for students to find in a single person the full range of academic and professional mentorship that they typically need.

Nowhere are the systemic problems in academia more apparent than in the lives of postdocs. Almost all current postdocs received their PhD in a time where the NIH budget stagnated, leaving an excess of PhDs entering the workforce.

The UCSF Graduate Queer Alliance hosted a panel discussion near the Mission Bay campus on the careers of LGBTQ people in scientific careers, entitled OUT In Science.

Imagine yourself five years out from getting your PhD.  You could be a science journalist working for a newspaper, or in a boardroom actively convincing venture capitalists which of the latest scientific advancements they should back.

UCSF's new plan for building a better biomedical workforce

Career development. It’s a phrase that is slowly gaining mass in the realm of biomedical sciences.

Adriana Martinez threaded her first simple interrupted suture with the dexterity of an old pro.

This year’s Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) Career and Research Days Panel and Networking Event is aimed particularly at students in nursing and the social and behavioral sciences.

Biomedical research education has traditionally focused on preparing trainees for careers in academia.  However, recent UCSF events — such as the Forum on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Biomedical Workforce Reports and informal brown-bag

UCSF School of Pharmacy hosted a career fair at the Millberry Union Gym on Monday, October 29, for pharmacy students who are looking for pharmacy intern positions.