Originally published in Synapse on June 3, 2010. Top Hat, Junk Shot, Top Kill - the phrases seem like they are from a Hollywood pitch meeting for an action-adventure movie starring Tom Cruise, but the grim reality is that they all describ

UCSF financial services has been left with the task of deciding which students need financial help most urgently as limited funds became available through the CARES Emergency Relief Grant.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and many individuals seek to direct their charitable giving to emerging areas of need, Synapse has come across several potentially deceptive crowdfunding campaigns on GoFundMe.

Nearly a month after the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, life for most students at UCSF has been moved entirely online.

Student. Postdoc. Scientist. Clinician. Professor. Mentor. Women at UCSF hold many titles. But, developing and advancing one’s career in healthcare isn’t easy for women.

There’s no sign that the Mission Bay Farmers’ Market will return anytime soon, despite an effort among booth owners to self-organize.

With two patients being treated for novel coronavirus at UCSF, and a possibility of more to come, representatives attempted to ease possible heightened anxiety among faculty, residents, fellows, staff and students by explaining during a Feb.

The University of California and its 26,000 unionized service and patient care workers have reached a tentative four-year contract settlement, potentially ending a three-year standoff that led to

“I don’t think his personal problems should be a reason to remove him from office. It doesn’t represent high crimes and misdemeanors.’ It’s all political. Just look at the Republicans — they want him out of office… Clinton’s good for the country. Look at his high approval ratings and the economy.” — James Harris, School of Dentistry

Originally published on January 20, 1977.

Student and labor groups, anticipating the possible effect of the Bakke decision on minority programs, plan to protest the decision through mass rallies and demonstrations.