Perhaps the most powerful and moving part of the 15th annual Interpersonal Violence Conference, held November 14, came at the close of the day with the Survivors Panel.

Given UCSF’s rich history of activism, it’s no wonder that the students who choose to enroll at the university are strong proponents of social justice.

A recent proposed tuition increase for UCSF’s professional schools has incited pushback from many student organizations, sparking conversation about the role of student input in financial matters and whether the competitiveness of UCSF’s programs

With the constant rise in the Bay Area’s cost of living (reported previously) and the demand for the new FSFS program, one thing remains clear: the financial instability of students isn’t going anywhere.
Going to the dentist can be extremely inconvenient, and it seems like their office hours always overlap with our work and education. Not to worry students and tireless workers! The UCSF School of Dentistry is working to provide more accessible clinic hours to you in their new UCSF Evening Dental Clinic.

Synapse: You’ve held a lot of positions here at UCSF from trainee to leadership. How has UCSF impacted you as you’ve moved through this range of positions?

As advertised on the building during construction, the new Medical Center at Mission Bay achieved a timely opening on February 1, after more than 10 years of planning and construction.

On Feb. 25, more than 100 UCSF students, faculty and staff attended the “Impec Workers Panel: Voices from the Invisible Backbone of Healthcare,” hosted by the Health Professionals for Social Responsibility. 

Mug of beer

The casual consumption of alcoholic beverages at a student event will no longer be quite so casual.

An announcement from campus Housing Services that it would increase rental rates by one-third for long-term residents had some ready to protest last week before school administrators ultimately vetoed the recommendation.