Onward California Tour to Visit UCSF on October 23


The Onward California Campus Tour will stop at the UCSF on Wednesday, October 24 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in front of Milberry Union, and gelato will be served.

The tour features fun, interactive ways that students, staff and faculty can share their UC connections and tell their stories. It is part of the larger Onward California statewide public outreach campaign that is designed to raise the public’s awareness of the University of California and the impact that it has on a daily basis on the lives of every Californian. No tuition dollars are being used in support of the campaign.

“UC touches the lives of all Californians, even though many people may not be aware of how the University’s work directly affects them,” said Dan Dooley, UC senior vice president for External Relations. “This tour brings the University to Californians in their own communities and gives them the opportunity to engage with UC in a new and unexpected way. We hope that building understanding of how UC contributes to the daily lives of all Californians will further strengthen public appreciation and support for the mission of public higher education in our state.”

The 24-stop tour is visiting each of the UC campuses, as well as several other sites throughout the state.

At the tour stop, visitors will be able to:

  • obtain information about the 10 schools that make up the UC system via the UC Interactive Digital Experience;
  • send postcards to local legislators expressing their support for the University of California via the Support UC Postcard Station;
  • take photos in front of a special Onward California backdrop and share it via social media;
  • receive one of 10 special University of California-flavored Naia gelato bars.

Naia has created a customized flavor for each of the UC schools, including UCSF’s “Super Strawberry”-flavored bar. Other school flavors include:

  • Vitamin (K)iwi – Kiwi is naturally high in vitamin K, a vitamin discovered by UC Berkeley.
  • Honey Bee – UC Davis’ honey hee research facility is the largest and most comprehensive state-supported apiculture facility in North America and the only one in California.
  • HTTP Pistachio – UC Irvine alum Roy Fielding is co-founder of Apache HTTP Server Project and architect of the HTTP/1.1 protocol used worldwide for Internet access.
  • Limelight – Star Power: UCLA alumni have 107 Academy Award wins and nominations. UCLA’s film school draws upon industry leaders for its faculty, advisers, and mentors.
  • Cognitive Chocolate – UC Merced professors helped IBM develop experimental computer chips designed to emulate the brain’s ability for perception, action and cognition.
  • Energizer Coffee – UC Santa Barbara professor Daniel Morse has led development of biologically inspired nanostructured battery that promises high power, longevity and low cost.
  • Citrus Grove – UC Riverside has roots as a Citrus Experiment Station and continues to help grow California’s citrus industry.
  • Being Green – Sierra Club’s magazine ranked UC San Diego the “greenest” school in California and the third “greenest” in the country.
  • Vanill Lick – With headquarters at UC Santa Cruz, Lick Observatory is home o many astronomical discoveries, including several moons of Jupiter and extrasolar planets.