Time-Wasting Tips for the Overworked Grad Student

Graduate Division

Got a long incubation time to kill? Waiting for your cells to spin? Bored in between classes? In class?

Don’t read that journal article that’s been eating at you, it’ll be there tomorrow! Instead, you should spend your time looking at cat videos and “Gangnam Style” parodies. If those have gotten old (but how could they?), might we suggest taking a gander at #overlyhonestmethods?

This Twitter-trending topic was all over the science news last week, with many lab rats tweeting their all-too-true scientific methods. Want to know the real reason why so-and-so used reagents from that unknown company? #overlyhonestmethods assures us that it’s because their sales rep offered the best free stuff (a Lego USB? I want one!).

Get the scoop behind all those hyper-academic passive-voice scientific methods. I feel a tweet coming on now.

Cells were incubated on ice for 36 minutes, because that’s how long I forgot about them while looking at #overlyhonestmethods.

And because this meme won’t last forever, tune in next week for another grad-student approved distraction. Suggestions are welcome.