Mr. Pharmacy 2013 Is Crowned

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First-year pharmacy student RJ Delmonte was crowned Mr. Pharmacy 2013 last week.

The Mr. Pharmacy 2013 contest, the most anticipated event of the academic year at the School of Pharmacy, was held on Thursday, January 17 in Cole Hall.

Besides RJ Delmonte, the contestants were Shogo Miyagi (P2) and Michael Creason (P3). The MCs were Eunice Kym and Ruzly Mantara, both second-year pharmacy students.

In Mr. Pharmacy content is comprised of three segments — a talent show, sharing a hobby and an interview while wearing formal wear. Delmonte blew the audience away with his poetry skills. Shogo Miyagi fed the hunger of the audience by teaching everyone how to make spamushi. Michael Creason awed the audience with his photography, displaying his collection of beautiful scenery and stunning surfing photos.

The judging panel included Dr. Joseph Guglielmo, interim dean of pharmacy, Dr. Marcus Ferrone, Dr. Tina Brock, Dr. Kathy Yang and Dr. Jeremy Smith, regional talent specialist from Wal-Mart.

The audience enjoyed delicious Hawaiian BBQ while watching a very competitive and mind-blowing show. The event was sponsored by Wal-Mart.