We live in the future

Time-Wasting Tip #7 for the Overworked Grad Student

Graduate Division

Got a long incubation time to kill? Waiting for your cells to spin? Bored in-between classes? In class?  This week I got a tip from a fellow graduate student (who, as I can attest, doesn’t waste any time in the lab at all) who suggests spending some looking at weliveinthefuture.tumblr.com, a visually oriented blog that showcases examples of awesomely futuristic technologies that already exist.

Every couple of days it features an invention — often in the medical field — that serves as a reminder of just how far technology has taken us. Of course, you can find examples of amphibious vehicles, robotic prosthetic limbs and personal jetpacks, but how about shoes that can show you the way home? They might come in handy on a Saturday night out.

What about Google’s autonomous Prius? Google glass? We may not drive flying cars, but who cares about that when you can have autonomous flying quadrotors?

Check next week for another grad-student approved distraction — suggestions are welcome!