Nicole LaMantia

Nicole LaMantia: Candidate for Vice President, Student Affairs


Attending the University of California San Francisco is a privilege that allows students the opportunity to interact with many other health care professionals all in one location. As UCSF students, we have all been exposed to the importance of IPE, or Interprofessional Education.

Through these IPE sessions, I have realized my passion for connecting professionals together to create a safer, more effective treatment program for all patients.

It seems clear that building a strong interprofessional relationship between health care providers requires a strong foundation of understanding, respect and professionalism. Luckily, IPE has taught us this value in the professional world, and I wish to extend it to students’ social lives.

It is all too easy to interact with our classmates, and restrict ourselves from reaching out to other schools. However, many times, students admit that they do not know how to, or do not feel comfortable reaching out to others, especially when their schedules are so hectic.

I wish to aid in constructing events for students to socialize and network in a comfortable environment. I value the opportunities that ASUCSF has given me to form friendships with others, such as the UCSF Formal, and the Taste of San Francisco Picnic. As Vice President of Student Affairs, I would love to be a part of organizing these events, as well as incorporating others into the school calendar.

Lunch and Learns or evening guest speakers regarding interprofessional synergy are a few possibilities for creating more events and reminding students about the value of networking between professions, as well as maintaining previously established relations throughout the year.

Representing ASUCSF on the student service advisory and campus event planning committees would allow me to demonstrate the organization’s ambition to connect the school. ASUCSF unites the university, which essentially provides a backbone for many other organizations.

As VP of student affairs, I would voice the opinion of not just the School of Dentistry, but the entire UCSF Community. I believe that it is vital to have students’ desires and concerns heard and addressed, whether regarding social events or legislative affairs.

I strive to maintain organization, efficiency, and all-around balance in ASUCSF. Hopefully, I can help fuel ASUCSF to continue to provide structure and support for interprofessional networking, education and social events.