Third-Year Pharmacy Students Hold Send-off Celebration

School of Pharmacy

When the final six hours of therapeutic class ended Friday, pharmacy students from all classes made their way down to Yancy’s to give the third-year pharmacy students a celebratory sendoff.

Classmates, colleagues and friends gathered to spend one last time as a group before the third-year students head off to rotations in locations all over the state. The Associated Students of the School of Pharmacy (ASSP) provided pizza.

The party did not just end at Yancy’s. The next hot spot was Sloane Night Club.

The evening was a mix of joy and sadness, a opportunity to say goodbye to the third-year students and to wish them all the best on their new journey. After three hard-working years of cramming for exams, studying in groups and preparing for oral exams, the time these students spent at UCSF will always be treasured.

“Food, snacks, coffee and group studies usually got us through our exams, but now we’re going to rely on the love and support of our fellow classmates to get us through our rotations,” said Class President Chai Saechao (2014). “Our class is one big family, and it will be bittersweet to say goodbye.”

The members of the Pharmacy Class of 2014 will be greatly missed on campus, but they will not be forgotten. Go Class of 2014! Best of luck on rotations.