UCSF to Host UC Student Association Board Meeting


The UC Student Association (UCSA) Board Meeting will be held on May 3-5 at Mission Bay. This once-a-year event brings student representatives from all UC campuses across the state to collectively discuss the important, pending issues concerning student education.

“The UCSA Board meeting is a great opportunity for students to see how they are represented at a high level,” said ASUC Co-External Vice President Steven He, who is a first-year medical student. “They will be able to learn about the visions and goals of the UCSA Board and participate directly in generating them. The transparency of all the meetings is aimed at being as inclusive to students as possible.”

The University of California Student Association is a coalition of UC students and student governments aimed at increasing the accessibility, affordability and quality of the UC system through advocacy and direct action organizing.

UCSA is a student-run, membership-based organization, with a Board of Directors made up entirely of students, and a full-time staff led by an Executive Director.

Every month, UCSA meets at a UC campus. In May, UCSF Mission Bay is the chosen destination. The three-day meeting will begin early in the day and end between 5-6 p.m.

Social events are planned at the end of each day, ranging from exploring restaurants around The City to karaoke or a bonfire, and all are geared toward helping students from the different campuses bond.

“It’s always a lot of fun,” said He, who has attended board meetings at other campuses.

Event details: The Board Meeting will held May 3-5 in Byers Hall on Mission Bay campus. Free for students. For further information, you can contact:

Lawrence Lin—External VP, GSA

[email protected]

Steven He—Co-External VP, ASUC

[email protected]

Jay Rajan—Co-External VP, ASUC

[email protected]