Infinite Inspiration: The Unseen Treasures Around Us

School of Dentistry

When was the last time you observed a full moon in the sky?

Have you ever appreciated the touch of grass on your bare feet?

How many times have you watched a sunset or sunrise on a beach?

Have you ever enjoyed the music of chirping birds on a pleasant morning?

When was the last time you shared some childhood memories with your mother or a close friend?

We often miss such moments. Why is this?

This is an ultra-modern world dominated by countless electronic gadgets. I sometimes think that machines were once made by man, but now machines are making the man.

While one might think this is not actually happening, the fact is that these gadgets are invading our lives and changing our patterns of behavior, altering the intensity of human interactions. This artificial intelligence has succeeded in fooling man’s ability to think.

The other major reason is competition. People are running so fast in their lives, they often forget their origins and have no clue as to their destinations. We are all faced with this condition to some extent. To make our lives more meaningful, we need to bring ourselves closer to Mother Nature and increase our healthy human interactions.

Here are some useful thoughts:

Slow down: Speed is not always better. Pause for a moment. Slow your life down. This will give you wonderful opportunities to capture the details of your life. Try reducing your pace during routine activities, like eating, so you can appreciate tastes and senses better. Apply this to everything possible: talking, listening, observing, etc.

Don’t be preoccupied: During most common moments of waiting, like waiting for the bus or an appointment, we are so preoccupied with other things that we rarely find the beauty surrounding us. Next time, instead of focusing on random thoughts, be conscious and try to observe interesting details around you, like a cute kid, nice pet, art on the wall, etc.,

Talk instead of text:  When interacting with family or friends, try talking instead of texting or messaging. Talking effectively harmonizes our emotions with the other person’s and improves understanding. Talk about the good memories you share with each other.

Prefer playing in the garden: Put down the gadgets. Choose playing with real people instead of PlayStations. Take a walk on the beach or hike a mountain trail.

Keep a daily journal:  Write about interesting things you observe in a journal. Add your own expressions and emotions while you are narrating these thoughts, and share them with others.

Make a list of these natural treasures that you would like to explore. Taking time off to spend with nature will relieve stress, and revitalizes both body and mind.

Dear friends, I believe that if you have a heart to seek, there is eternal beauty everywhere, if you take the time to see it.