Infinite Inspiration: Protect Your Love

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love is eternal…

If there is one thing that’s serving this world to be at peace and harmony, it is the thing that’s called love. As humans, we are prone to emotions, but if our mantra is “Love all, hate none,” we can be at peace and bring the same to the world.

The best thing that we can do for ourselves is to love someone unconditionally. It doesn’t matter who — a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, brother, mother, father, sister, brother or even a pet. You name it and you will never be the same again. But the key is to give that someone “unconditional love.”

Every relationship starts magically, and most relationships end tragically, but with a good heart, you can always recover. To love someone means letting go of your ego.

However, it is not easy to imbibe and enjoy the true essence of love when we are consumed by the hustle and bustle of our lives. This can leave us baffled with doubts, deceit and greed. Once you lose a loving relationship, regret can never recover it.

So here are some ideas to keep your love alive:

Guard your love — It’s wrong to think that if it’s true love, you need not worry about it. The truth is, “true” love does not exist. It is only love, and by itself it exists in truth. Yes, in this world of severe negative emotions, you must protect your love and relationships from the strains of time, distance and stress. Constantly ask this question: Is everything going all right with your relationship? Guard your love.

Love means freedom — You can never give someone love without giving him or her their freedom. It’s the freedom of choice, freedom of letting someone express his or her true self that brings us close to the love.

Unfortunately, we unconsciously do things to inhibit the freedom of others in our relationships, and one day, it all explodes. Hence, never assume, in fact, make sure and do whatever possible to allow your loved one the freedom of expressing his or her true self.

Be patient for one more day — No matter what you do, at times things will get rough. Never allow yourself to react. Instead remind yourself to be patient one more day.

If things are not resolved the next day, tell yourself the same thing again. It’s worth doing, because just one day of patience may save you from a lifetime of regret. One day is enough to change your perception, your understanding and allow love to blossom again.

So dear friends, if we can give unconditional love to the beings around us, joy, peace and prosperity will be always with us. I wish for you all a summer filled with sun, fun and above all love that will change you forever for good.