Get Fit with Andrew

Physical Therapy

Q: Do physical therapists know anything about physical fitness, or do you just teach people how to walk all day?

A: Yes! All of us certainly know about fitness, and one member of our PT cohort is keen on sharing his expertise with the UCSF community. Meet Andrew Tran. 

Andrew is a second-year Doctor of Physical Therapy student, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist.  Besides being a little buff (sorry, Andrew, I couldn’t help but notice!), Andrew leads group fitness classes at the Kezar Stadium during lunch hour. 

Q: So his workouts are basically step aerobics in the sun? Ehhh...

A: No! Not at all. Physical therapists are in a unique position to get bodies toned in a biomechanically based approach. In layman’s terms, this means we find ways to move the body that our bones and muscles like. And Andrew does just that. Really well. 

In 45 minutes, Andrew combines circuit training with biomechanics—think aerobics meets anatomy—in a way that’s bound to keep you engaged and sweating.

When asked what a workout entails, Andrew explained, “You’re going to get a lot of high- intensity circuit training.  It’s basically nonstop, and any sort of recovery is going to be active.”

Q: How will I survive this?

Andrew:  “I always create modifications for anyone.  That being said, you will get a workout, no matter what level of fitness you are.”

Q: What do other students think?

A: Felipe Cazares, also a second-year DPT student, digs it. Why? “Because it works every aspect of your body, from all your muscular systems. And it works on your aerobic activity, it works on resistance exercise and on general athletic training.”

Aaron Ortiz, a second-year DPT student, also appreciates an Andrew workout. “Andrew definitely pushes us, but it’s a great workout.”

Both Felipe and Aaron are regulars, but Andrew encourages anyone to drop in when they can.

Q: So, basically, I should get fit with Andrew?

A: Yes! Andrew will be laying out a fall schedule. If you are interested, contact him at [email protected] to get on the mailing list.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have any questions about muscles and bones, musculoskeletal issues you’ve had or would like to know more about, or anything under the sun related to physical therapy, send them to [email protected].