Letter to the Editor: In Support of Parents at UCSF


Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing Debbie Ruelas’ piece, “Dear PI, I’m Pregnant,” in the October 17 issue of Synapse.  I started my PhD program with a 1-year-old daughter and was pregnant again in my third year.  So Debbie’s experience struck a chord and gave me a reason to reflect on how I, like Debbie, was lucky to have an understanding supervisor back then.

I want students and faculty to know that I am committed to making UCSF a place where women (and men) feel supported not only as students, but also as parents.

On the practical side, the Graduate Division has instituted a program of child care grants for students who demonstrate financial need. 

It is my priority to create a caring campus atmosphere at UCSF, in which students can do pioneering experiments, write original papers and dissertations and start (or, as I did, expand) their families.

Elizabeth Watkins
Vice Chancellor, Student Academic Affairs
Dean, Graduate Division