PUSO/VSA Raise Relief Funds for Typhoon Victims

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Since Typhoon Haiyan, the world has scrambled to bring aid to victims in its devastating aftermath. At UCSF, the Pilipinos of UCSF Student Organization (PUSO) and the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) banded together in the hope of uniting the entire UCSF community in supporting relief efforts to the Philippines. 

The highlight of the relief effort was a fund-raiser held on November 21. PUSO and VSA served a simple breakfast and a hearty lunch, asking individuals to donate whatever amounts they deemed appropriate.

Breakfast was a casual affair. The groups served biscotti, bagels and various morning beverages to early morning class-goers.

Lunch was the main attraction, and included delicious BBQ skewers and vegetables, and meat lumpia (similar to small eggrolls) for those who pre-ordered. As the last lumpia were distributed, all agreed that the fund-raiser had been a rousing success.  More than $2,500 was raised, thanks to the generous response from students, staff and faculty.

PUSO and VSA are not finished yet. They are collecting first aid supplies, pain relievers and multivitamins, toiletries, new or used clothing and towels through December 13. Donations may be dropped off in the bin located by the elevator on the ninth floor of the Medical Science building at Parnassus.

Another student organization, the Student National Pharmaceutical Association, is collecting nonperishable food items at the same location. If you prefer to make a monetary donation, PUSO/VSA recommends donating to NAFCON at http://nafconusa.org/.