Pharmacy Faculty Defeat Students in Hoops Contest

School of Pharmacy

A late surge by the School of Pharmacy faculty team helped them come from behind in the final quarter to beat the pharmacy students, 37-33.

The game, which was held on March 7, marked the second annual American Pharmacy Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) Student-Faculty Basketball Game. Last year the students won the game in a buzzer beater.

Four faculty members in the School of Pharmacy came to play and two came to support. Faculty players included Drs. Lisa Kroon, Conan MacDougall, Elaine Law and Philip Chan.  Drs. Marcus Ferrone and Christie Robinson cheered their colleagues on to victory.

The students outnumbered the faculty. Thus, they took advantage of substituting players at the end of each quarter, hoping that fresh legs might give them the edge. The male to female ratio was kept at 3:2 for both teams to keep the game fair.

At the end of the first quarter the faculty team trailed 2-14, but the faculty took the lead in the fourth quarter, eventually winning by four points. After the game ended, the students and faculty played in a second game with mixed teams.

For many students this event was a great way to get to know faculty outside the classroom.

“We coordinated the event to bring faculty and students together in a different setting that allows them to connect on a more personal level and of course, to have fun,” said Kari Ehm, a board member of APhA-ASP and player on the student team.

The student-faculty basketball game also gave pharmacy students a chance to bond with each other and demonstrate their teamwork and talent.

“[The game] showcased the continuum of talents in our classmates,” said first-year pharmacy student Timothy Hall.

APhA-ASP plan to continue to host this event each year with the goal of bringing the School of Pharmacy students and faculty closer together.