'Call Me Maybe' Flashmob Dance Party Recalled

Monday, March 31, 2014

What’s your fondest memory of dental school?

“The flashmob dance party is one of my best memories from dental school,” said Sarah Forbes, a fourth-year dental student, recalling a prank in June 2012, at the end of her second year.

The flashmob consisted of roughly 40 students—nearly half of the class—doing a choreographed dance routine to “Call Me Maybe,” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

It was the last class of the year and Dr. Daniel Mendoza was lecturing when a student started playing music in the back row of the lecture hall. Then Mason Tran, now a fourth-year student, began a solo breakdance in the front of the room before the rest of the posse joined in from their seats in the audience.

Forbes, along with Melanie Gaglioti, Christina Ahlwardt and then class-president Kristin Evans were the organizers and choreographers of the event.

“Anytime I’m with anyone who was in that dance and we hear the song come on, we still start doing the routine,” said Forbes.