Paying it Forward: Dental Students Travel to California Care Force Clinic

School of Dentistry

California Public Health Association at UCSF organized a group of nine dental students to volunteer at the California Care Force Clinic in Indio, Calif.

Niloo Farhani (D3), Jean Calvo (D2), Sam Kim (D2), Randy Rosales (D2), Tim Wen (D2), Marilyn Nguyen (D2), Angeline Salvani (D2), Rose Odsinada Oji (D2) and Christina Chen (D1) traveled to Indio late Friday night and volunteered assisting with dental procedures from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, April 5-6.

The California Care Force clinic provided a huge underserved population with access to dental, medical and vision services over the four-day clinic. With the help of volunteers like students from UCSF the clinic was able to provide a total of $907,447 worth of services at zero cost to patients.

UCSF students had a very rewarding and exciting experience volunteering. Patients were extremely grateful to receive the treatment they desperately needed.

“It was a really awesome time, I definitely want to volunteer again next year,” said Sam Kim.

California Public Health Association is very grateful to our generous donors who helped to cover the cost of travel. 

California Care Force organizes free mobile medical clinics to provide communities short term medical, dental and vision care. California Care Force will use a community center, school or some other public space to setup 30 to 100 dental stations, eye exam stations and medical care stations and provide patients with free services including making eye glasses on site.

California CareForce clinics are operated by volunteer professionals taking time from their practices to give back to the community. The goal of the organization is to be able to move from community to community to provide this urgent care in clinics at least once a month. To do this it needs to raise the funds to purchase more equipment and supplies. If you are able to volunteer at a clinic or are in a position to make a donation your help is very much appreciated. Visit the website at