Special Report: The Open Access Movement

Graduate Division

For scientists around the world, the open access movement has radically changed how journal articles are read and distributed by offering an alternative to the dominant subscription-based access model.

Today, anyone can access at least some scientific articles on the web. In this three-part series, we examine the impact of open access journals on the scientific publishing industry.

Part 1: Scientific Publishing: An Industry in Flux

Like other publishing industries today, disruptive technologies and new business models are forcing rapid and massive changes in scientific publishing. And these changes are affecting how and where scientists publish their research.

Part 2: Scientific Publishing In The Era of Open Access

In this installment, we examine the publishing industry’s response to the growing popularity of open access journals.

Part 3: Open Access Inspires New Publishing Models

In this final installment, we look at how the industry's shifting fee structure is hurting scientists. We also explore the rise of alternative publishing models.