15 Things That Pass for Normal Among PT Student... That May Seem Strange to the Rest of UCSF

Physical Therapy
  1. Watching people walk, and critiquing every possible gait deviation.
  2. Noticing someone’s posture before the color of his or her eyes.
  3. Exuberance over finding pants that are professional enough, but allow full range of movement and bending.  Same goes for shoes.
  4. Working out during lunch, and eating during class.
  5. Demanding a stretch break every hour, as part of our professional values.
  6. Staring at everyone’s butt, to specifically evaluate pelvic drop and glute med strength.
  7. Having a modification for every gym exercise.
  8. Wearing gym clothes. all. the. time.
  9. Having two-hour conversations debating Nike’s vs. Asics.
  10. Flawless imitation of every possible gait.
  11. Having very strong opinions about canes, crutches and braces.
  12. Doing squats and balance exercises while waiting for the Muni.
  13. Launching into a laundry list of muscular imbalances when asked how it’s going.
  14. Lack of enthusiasm for the request of “a really good massage” from us.
  15. Being complimented on your body mechanics while giving CPR.