CLS: So Many Options for a Healthy, Happy School Year

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Being a student at the world’s top research and medical sciences institution means that it’s essential for you to be in the best shape mentally, physically and spiritually.

Campus Life Services is dedicated to supporting you to stay healthy, happy, engaged and in balance. It offers students low and no-cost programs, hosts many events and creates opportunities for you to thrive during these years of hard work at UC San Francisco. Get to know CLS, and you’ll be in good hands.

Stay fit, have fun

As you become acquainted with the campus and the community, you may soon realize that Fitness and Recreation becomes a huge part of your life. The fitness centers at Mission Bay and Parnassus are included in the tuition for most UCSF students and include access to the latest in cardio and weight equipment, pools and a climbing wall.

You’ll be able to meet new people, learn and improve skills, try new activities, go on group outings, challenge yourself physically and enjoy a variety of ways to de-stress and give your mind a break.

Additionally, Fitness and Recreation offers these popular programs for students:

  • Premier Membership:  Participate in a choice of 140+ group fitness classes for $20 a month.
  • The Rec Pass:  With this pass, UCSF students gain unlimited access to Outdoor Programs catalog trips, clinics, classes, and free registration to all Rec Sports Leage offerings. For only $69, this is one of the best deals offered at UCSF.
  • Sports Leagues:  Join a basketball, volleyball or futsal league for some friendly competition at Parnassus or Mission Bay. Winter league sign-ups begin December 1-11.
  • Climbing Wall at Mission Bay:  Challenge mind and body on this outdoor climbing wall, with a view of downtown San Francisco. Classes are offered for beginners or individual instruction, and recreational open climbing (Tuesdays and Thursdays) is free for students. Note: because the wall is located outside, it usually closes for the winter months, December – March.  
  • Outdoor trips:  Go kayaking, stand-up paddling, hiking and camping with experienced guides and other members of the UCSF community. All catalog trips are included with purchase of the Rec Pass.
  • UCSF’s Tahoe Cabin:  Students receive priority registration for this large cabin, available for group rentals up to 16 people, located near North Lake Tahoe’s most popular ski resorts. Student reservations begin October 15, however, student reps begin October 13.  
  • UCSF Student Reps:  Do you have a passion for exercise, the outdoors, and living a well rounded life?  If yes, then consider becoming a Student Rep.  You’ll be the liaison between your class and OP.  Meet new people, make new friends, and exercise your voice in that types of programs we offer.  As a perk, you gain pre-reservation for Tahoe cabin on October 13.  

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Eat, meet and relax

There are a wide variety of food options on UCSF campuses. The food court at Millberry Union offers a delicious range of eateries for you to enjoy. At Mission Bay, there are plenty of places for meals, snacks and hanging out. There are even guest food trucks offering a variety of international fare that bring the some of the best food weekly to campus.
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Be entertained and come to the party

Arts and Events puts on several fun and free events like concerts, Halloween costume contests, an annual Block Party, movie screenings and discounted group outings. Bookmark the calendar, sign up for the newsletter and friend Arts and Events on Facebook to get all the details on where the events are happening.
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Save time and money

Time and money are precious, and it’s a relief to know that Campus Life Services has got your back. They’re always finding ways to make things a little easier and hook you up with special offers.

Put your family first

Child Care and Family Services provide many services and referrals for the kinds of care your family might need, from day care to educational programs and connections to many family services in the Bay Area.

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