GPSA December Meeting Summary

School of Pharmacy

Initiative to Eliminate Sugar-Sweetened Beverages from UCSF

UCSF Student and Employee Wellness Program has put forth an initiative to eliminate sales of sugar-sweetened beverages, such as sodas, from all UCSF hospitals and campuses. This initiative is driven by UCSF mission of advancing health. Other UC campuses, such as UCLA have already implemented changes such as eliminating sale of sugared beverages and fried foods from the main hospital and campuses. GPSA voted to support the measure in order to improve the health of our patients, students, and employees.

The anticipated opening of the new Mission Bay medical center will occur with the new policy in place. UCSF Mount Zion campus has also stopped selling sodas in the vending machines. Patients, students, and employees are welcome to bring sugar-sweetened beverages from home and consume them on campus.

Improving Communication between Students and Administration

The Dean of Graduate Division and Vice Chancellor of Student Academic Affairs, Liz Watkins, is working with students and administration to create a central consolidated calendar for academic events open to students of all UCSF programs. The goal of this project is to improve visibility and accessibility of events such as academic seminars, and interprofessional electives. The program is also looking for ways to improve collecting student input for policies implemented by UCSF administration. Please contact GPSA with ideas and feedback.

UCSF Committee of Transportation – Looking for Student Representatives

With the opening of the Mission Bay medical center in February, it is anticipated that shuttle transportation to the MB campus will become more impacted. This is an especially important year to voice student concerns about inter-campus transportation. The Committee of Transportation is seeking students participate in the committee, as well as student input and suggestions on how to improve transportation.

UCSF Winter Events

Winter Formal will take place on Jan. 15, 2015 at the Westin St. Francis. Expect dancing, photo booths, and desserts! If you have a novel idea for Winter Formal for the coming years, send your suggestions to GPSA.

For more information on GPSA-sponsored events and GPSA monthly meetings please visit If you would like to get involved in student government, or to participate with a committee, please email us at [email protected].