RCO of the Week – The John Greene Society (School of Dentistry)

Monday, February 2, 2015

As health care providers at a premier research campus, many of us contribute to cutting-edge developments in our respective fields. This requires commitment and sacrifice, but the John Greene Society helps dental students succeed in summer fellowships and competitions year after year.  The JGS helps students and faculty mentors come together to increase exposure to new research and plan, discuss, and succeed in research together. 

“The John Greene Society is an invaluable part of dental student culture at UCSF, providing a resource for research opportunities and keeping the spirit of scientific inquiry alive,” said Roger Mraz, program administrator in the School of Dentistry’s Office of Graduate and Research Affairs.

The JGS was founded in 2002, named after a School of Dentistry dean emeritus at UCSF.  Dean Greene was—and is—an inspirational, beloved leader who actively contributed to students’ interest in research. 

Thanks to the JGS, dental student research participation is also at an all-time high.  Participation ranges from volunteering to paid fellowships to international conference attendance.

The JGS provides a quarterly newsletter, Research and Clinical Excellence Day, research electives, journal clubs, proposal advice, socials and more for students interested in dental research.  It competed nationally to win the Local Student Research Group award for its Fall 2014 newsletter. 

The JGS is also a local chapter of the National Student Research Group of the American Association of Dental Research. It will be recognized at the 2015 AADR annual meeting and receive $400 to support club activities.

“I am proud of my board members for advocating for student involvement in research,” said JGS president Minerva Loi. “We appreciate being recognized on a national level for what our RCO has done to enrich the dental education experience at UCSF.”

Find out more at jgs.atucsf.com