"Between Degrees" Features Creative Work by UCSF Students


It’s easy to become buried in our studies – learning about the clinical significance of each sign and symptom, drug-drug interactions, finding the function of that single transcription factor. But while we immerse ourselves in our pursuits to become professionals in whatever field, life keeps going on around us. Sometimes it’s nice, even essential, to check-in and reflect on the world. That’s why we started Between Degrees, the only UCSF-wide blog dedicated to featuring all forms of artistic creativity by students. We hope this space can be a place for reflection and artistic outlet as well as a way for the public to be inspired through merging of perspectives. Because what is art? Its significance is different for every individual, whether it be a form of healing, a way to see meaning in the world, or just an excuse to vent. And we want to accommodate all those motives. Please enjoy the site, and we hope to see your work online soon!

See the blog here: https://betweendegrees.wordpress.com/