Welcome Back From the Synapse's Editor in Chief

Graduate Division

After a week of vacation I returned to my lab and an inbox crowded with emails. As I read through the 100 or so messages, I noticed a troubling theme emerging. There were emails condemning the hateful actions of white supremacists in Charlottesville, safety bulletins warning about the heat wave that hit San Francisco, and messages criticizing the president’s decision to rescind Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrival (DACA).

Reading about hate, prejudice, and extreme weather (or as I was thinking about it, a gentle reminder of climate change) was a hard way to transition back into my normal routine. The familiar feeling of disheartenment that I had left behind while on vacation began to creep back into me.

I closed my email and ventured to other corners of the internet.

I read numerous articles and resources (such as the Southern Poverty Law Center’s community response guide Ten Ways to Stop Hate) that offered a wealth of wisdom and plans of action. I was so appreciative of these publications and the power of the written word to reinvigorate me.

Sharing different perspectives, experiences, and ideas can lead to positive and powerful change.

This year more than ever, Synapse aims to bolster student voices and in so doing, we hope to contribute even in a small way to positive and powerful change.

Last year, columns such as Diversity Spotlight shared compelling stories discussing the journeys, challenges, and advice of UCSF scientists from diverse backgrounds. The Science Wonk,which covers science policy topics,discussed the state of science under a Trump administration and gave first-hand coverage of the Science March in Washington D.C. This year, these columns will continue to produce meaningful content, and we hope they will serve as a resource to inform, engage, and strengthen communities at UCSF.

Synapse wants to add more voices to our team of writers. We want more articles, poems, and stories sharing the passions of UCSF students. We want you to embrace your freedom of speech and share information, experiences, ideas.

So please reach out and make your voice heard — email us at [email protected] or check our website for upcoming editorial meetings, and drop by.