Humans of UCSF: Imagining the Future

Sunday, April 29, 2018

I have always been curious and interested about how new technologies can improve patient care. As a result, after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in molecular and cell biology and a Master’s in applied science and technology from UC Berkeley, I joined the UCSF Masters of Science in Biomedical Imaging (MSBI) program to help me better understand new developments in biomedical imaging.

Since joining UCSF, I have not only learned about imaging techniques, but also a lot about myself and what I want to do in the future.

I have found an increased passion for clinical applications of imaging. I believe the practice of medicine will soon be deeply impacted by the developments that are now happening in imaging as well as robotics and artificial intelligence.

Beyond the direct impact of these new technologies on radiology and surgery, the impact could be far-reaching and affect many other areas of medicine.

There is a long road between where I stand today and becoming a doctor, but my experience at UCSF has given me the clarity I need in pursuing my passion for medicine.

I know that the technical knowledge I am gaining at UCSF will help me with the specialty I end up choosing in the future, and would allow me to better understand and apply new technologies that could be central to the practice of medicine in the future.

Kiavash Garakani

Masters of Science in Biomedical Imaging (MSBI) student