9 minutes and 29 seconds

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Under the weight of one man

9 minutes and 29 seconds

An atrocity that many of us claimed to not understand

“How could someone do this?” we asked ourselves

“Where is our humanity, our dignity?” we wondered

“This isn’t who we are, this isn’t what we do,” we thought

Though here we were…

Yet again

A Black man murdered at the hands of police

Caught in broad daylight, people watching in the streets

A senseless murder that soon thereafter rocked the world

The entire 9 minutes and 29 seconds of which were filmed by a little girl


George Floyd

We must say his name

George Floyd

He and I were the same

Black men in America

Citizens of a country that continues to undervalue us, regardless of our title or profession

Even me, as a future physician, I am not protected

Yet still some wonder why millions took to the streets and passionately protested


A year later, I hope we finally get it

I hope we see that this is exactly who we are

Who we’ve been all along

A country founded on subjugation, violence, and harm

Though we have made some bit of progress

We still have plenty more to go

And if you weren’t keenly aware of that before

Well hopefully now you know