Fight for Abortion & Reproductive Justice

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Are you looking for ways to advocate and be more involved in reproductive justice, especially following the horrendous​ Texas abortion law that was just passed? Then look no further, because MedStudentsForChoice has a list of excellent advocacy opportunities for you! If you're interested in joining the email list-serv, or serving on the executive board for MSFC, please fill out this form.

Advocacy Opportunities  

Things you can do now within UCSF: 

  • Join MedStudentsForChoice as we compose an ask to the Deans at UCSF advocating for more reproductive justice exposure in our curriculum. Examples of increased exposure include abortion cases in FS small groups and CIC as well as increased access to precept/shadow with abortion providers at UCSF. If you are interested in helping with this effort, please reply to this email!
  • Join us for our upcoming Reproductive Choices Elective (OBGYN170.03) starting Wednesday, September 29 at noon. The elective will include an abortion aspiration workshop, a provider panel, and insights on the ongoing threats to reproductive justice. Stay tuned for more details. 

Things you can do now on a regional/national level: 

  • Speaker Pelosi has announced that the Women's Health Protection Act - the bill that will protect against bans and restrictions like SB8 -- will be getting a floor vote on the week of September 20th. We need your help to call on members of Congress to VOTE YES ON the Women's Health Protection Act (WHPA). Contact your reps! 
  • We know that restricting abortion doesn't stop abortion. People who are pregnant and don't want to be will access abortion outside of a health care setting. Educate your peers about the safety of self-managed abortion and how you can support and protect your patients exercising this option. Self-Managed Abortion Event Guide  |  If/When/How Legal Helpline 
  • A secondary impact of abortion restrictions is the constraint of abortion education and training. We need to hear why this training is essential to you and your members to elevate it in the larger discourse. Let us know
  • This year the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments around Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Center, the case which will decide whether Mississippi and other states can ban abortion as early as 15 weeks and render Roe v. Wade meaningless. Ahead of the oral arguments, We Testify and Advocates for Youth are working on an amicus brief, The People’s Brief, that elevates the stories and experiences of people who have had abortions. As a part of the brief, we are looking for people who have had abortions to sign on to the brief
  • Fundraising to support the abortion funds in Texas is probably the most useful thing that could be done to support access for people there. This link allows one to split a donation across all the funds:

Upcoming Ally Org Events 

  • 9/9-10/7 - Movement Building Discussion Series with ReproAction. Hear from leading activists about how they engage with principles of intersectionality in their justice work. The objective of this movement building discussion series is to share ideas and practices as we all work toward developing more inclusive spaces and policies. 3 separate sessions – see more at the link.

We hope this email spurs you to continue advocating for reproductive justice and health! Stay tuned for more exciting advocacy opportunities.