Woman and clock

Keeping Up

Monday, February 27, 2023

when I was a boy

I was told Time waits for no one

always in a rush yet never behind

even the quickest fail to keep up with her


when I grew up

it all started to make sense

why she never had a moment to spare

why it was impossible to race against her


a few years ago

I asked her what her secret was

if it was worth trying to match her pace

how she managed to keep going


she told me

that the joy in life isn’t in winning

that if I compete with her, or anyone else

I will only end up losing my rhythm in unfamiliar footsteps


ever since that day

I journey at my own speed

sometimes fast, sometimes slow

but always unique to me


and now

when Time flies by, before rushing past me

she says with a smile and a chuckle

that I will thank myself at the finish line