ASUC: From Shaping Policy to Hosting the Formal

Monday, August 27, 2012

Need cash to start your own campus organization? Interested in sponsoring an event, or in trying to make changes on campus? Maybe you have an issue with the University or UC system. ASUC may be the place to turn to for assistance.

The Associated Students of the University of California at San Francisco (ASUC) serves about 1,500 dental, medical and pharmacy students. The student government serves as the bridge between the university and professional students working to improve the quality of student life on campus and in the communities where they live and serve.

“The best part about being involved in ASUC is the positive change we get to make in the UCSF experience,” said Doug Jacobs, president of ASUC.  “While each ASUC Board Member brings specific goals to their positions, we are united in our desire to continually improve upon our already first-rate institution for our classmates and colleagues.”

2012-2013 priorities

Jacobs said ASUC’s top priorities this year are to maintain fiscal solvency for student organizations, to better represent UCSF student opinion both on campus and statewide, and to plan some great events.

ASUC provides opportunities to meet people from the other professional programs. ASUC often co-hosts events with the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) to foster relationships between professional students and graduate students and capitalize on shared interests. Some of the popular social activities that bring students together include trivia nights, ice cream socials, movie events, community service projects, blood drives, and other one-time events that reflect students’ current interests. Details can be found on the group’s website.

One of ASUC’s memorable events last year was the Inter-professional Prom.

“We had a huge turnout,” said Jacobs. “Everyone had a great time, and a lot of students even made new friends!”

Study, celebrate, and relax

ASUC also represents UCSF’s professional students in the University of California Student Association (UCSA), a coalition of students and student governments representing all UC schools. UCSA speaks for all UC students to the UC Regents and at the state government in Sacramento. So, if you are concerned about statewide issues, the ASUC board members for external affairs want to hear from you.

ASUC distributes funds to Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) and school governments that sponsor academic, cultural and social events catering to professional students. In an average year, approximately $80,000 is awarded through an online application process. Identifying funding sources and securing funds for a student organization event is an easy process. For more information visit the ASUC website ( or just talk to a board member.

ASUCSF is involved in policy decisions that affect students. Its board members serve on many university committees that deal with student health services, recreational facilities, student services fees, academic affairs, and IT resources.

“It’s about making sure we students can study when we wish to study, celebrate when we wish to celebrate, and relax when we wish to relax—and ultimately, to not have to spend all of our money to do so,” said Jacobs.