Salsa y Salsa Serves Up Good Food and Dance

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Combining two winning cultural elements, the Latino Association of Pharmacy Students (LAPS) kicked off the Salsa y Salsa with a salsa-tasting competition, while students of  the world-renowned salsa dancer Mario Luís Alabi put on a spectacular performance.

The salsa dancers moved in perfect unison, and the music and atmosphere seemed to inspire everyone to want to learn how to salsa. The event was held on the evening of November 20 in the City Lights Room at Millberry Union.

Following the performance, Alabi, who is also the father of national and international salsa dancing champions Junior and Emily Alabi, began teaching everyone basic salsa moves. Once people started getting the hang of it, he added more steps, and soon everyone was on the dance floor, concentrating on their moves, stepping forward, backwards, side to side and doing spins. Alabi also demonstrated two other popular dances, the merengue and bachata.

“It’s always good to dance and learn a step or two,” said Ani Childress, a second-year pharmacy student.

“This inspired me to do salsa as a hobby outside of school,” added Nadya Hristeva, also a second-year pharmacy student.

Towards the end of the event, LAPS Cultural and Social Enrichment Chair Deanna Reyes announced the winning salsa dish among the five entries in the salsa-tasting competition.

Salsa No. 3, the spiciest and most flavorful salsa, made by LAPS’ very own vice-president, Efrain Covarrubias, a second-year pharmacy student, won first place.

Salsa y Salsa was a great event that had everyone moving and dancing. LAPS plans to continue to host events that share the Latino culture.

“We are really excited to be able to bring a taste of Latino cultures to the UCSF community, by combining salsa tasting with salsa dancing,” said LAPS President Laurie Wright.