Medical Center

I should have known from the way I saw him driving.

No one drives like that. The black Benz was parked parallel between a BMW and a 4Runner, and the driver bumped each one forcefully as he wiggled his way out of the parking space. I couldn’t help but look over in disgust. He wasn’t even going to leave a note?

Despite the effects of what I assume to be alcohol, the man could easily read the look on my face, and he cursed at me as he drove off. Maybe something in my subconscious that knew where I was gave me the little extra bravado to do something I shouldn’t have done. Before I knew it, the finger had come up. 

Just as quickly as the Benz had been driving away, it stopped suddenly in the middle of the street for what seemed like ages. The smell of rubber came to my nose as I walked hurriedly in the opposite direction.

I heard the Benz turn around and didn’t have to look over my shoulder to know where it was going. The cursing continued, though I couldn’t make out the specific words. Finally, I looked. I can’t remember the color of his skin or the shape of his eyes, but I remember the emotions conveyed by his anonymous features — embarrassment, anger, determination and revenge.

My steps had accelerated to a clumsy run. I could feel my backpack bouncing as I heard the Benz stop again. The man got out and started to chase me on foot. Was this really happening? Do people really do this?


I heard it go off. Held in his right hand, the black pistol was aimed in the air the only time I saw it. I kept running, but I heard his footsteps stop seconds before another loud sound and a new sensation in my right shoulder. As I fell, I saw my own blood splatter onto the sidewalk ahead of me, and I was struck at how the feeling did not at all resemble pain. There was mostly warmth and the knowledge that I should have kept my thoughts to myself in the first place.

I opened my eyes, expecting to see pebbles on the ground, ants, grass or his shoes. Instead, I saw my dark blue pillowcase. I should have known from the way I saw him driving. No one drives like that.