International Dental Student Team Wins Cook-off

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Asian Health Caucus hosted its annual Iron Chef Competition November 18 at the Faculty Alumni House. This year’s winners were chefs Amit Mongia, Mikhail Pliosnine and Purnima Sheoran, all first-year students in the International Dentist Program. Here the team proudly presents its “Asian Califusion,” which consisted of two dishes, “Chicken Curry on Green Parnassus Hill” and “Bamboo Sweet Delights.”

The Iron Chef competition is open to three-student teams from all the UCSF schools. Teams are given $30 and a secret ingredient and must prepare a dish in 50 minutes for a panel of six judges, composed of faculty members and students.

Asian Health Caucus is one of the oldest student-run organizations at UCSF. It was founded in 1975 “to promote mutual understanding and friendship among all members in the UCSF community, as well as increase awareness of Asian and Asian-American health issues.” The work of Asian Health Caucus includes participation in health fairs, mentoring round table meetings, minority bone-marrow drives and fun activities to get professional schools together.