A Finger Lickin’ Good Time

Thursday, February 20, 2014

This past Sunday marked the latest electronic music event in San Francisco, Finger Lickin’.

The event — the first joint party between LED and Goldenvoice — proved to be a finger lickin’ good time. For six hours, world-class DJs took over the stage at Fort Mason while hundreds of dance beat addicts gathered to party, immersed in a barrage of lights, creative costumes and, of course, amazing music.

The lineup boasted big names that fans of the genre would certainly know. Green Lantern, TJR, Adventure Club, DJ Snake and the charismatic Laidback Luke were given the privilege to rock the turntables. The venue itself was a sight to see — an old military hanger was transformed into a giant rave fully equipped with state of the art lighting and sound systems.

When I arrived I saw Adventure Club drop crisp-sounding, electronic beats over a dazzling light show of lasers and colorful spotlights. Adventure Club, known for their chill, ambient dubstep productions, got the crowd going by spinning hits like “Rise and Fall” featuring Krewella and their remix of “Crave You.” Is it too cheesy to say they took the crowd on an adventure?

DJ Snake kept the party going by mixing in a hard-hitting set of genres all across the board. He jumped from house, to hiphop, to trap and even progressive trance. By utilizing perfect transitions between these different styles of music, Snake displayed his superb technique and great taste for dance music. It just doesn’t get much better than hearing Icona Pop’s “I Love It” mashed up with Dog Blood’s hardcore anthem, “New Order.”

Next, half Dutch-half Pilipino superstar, Laidback Luke, headlined the event and closed it with tremendous effect. From start to finish, Luke did what he does best and blew the room up with all his classic hits and a barrage of deck tricks and stunts. One of the most memorable moments had to have been when he dropped his classic remix of “Dirty Talk” and transformed it into “Seven Nation Army” by tweaking the deck controls. Luke has been at the front of the EDM scene for over a decade now, and it looks like he’s as fresh and “laidback” as ever.

In all, Finger Lickin’ was an amazing event for lovers of EDM. I can honestly say that this was one of the most impressive EDM events I’ve been to since moving up to the Bay Area. Both the talent and the production quality showed that Goldenvoice and San Diego-based LED are looking to exceed the status quo of electronic music events.

Be sure to look for more parties in the Bay Area hosted by these companies, something tells me they’re here to stay.