Welcome Back From the New Editor in Chief

Graduate Division

UCSF campuses are springing back to life with the arrival of students both new and seasoned. Once dormant hallways are filled with a buzz of excitement. Brightly colored flyers for seminars decorate recently blank walls. And the lunch line at Ladle and Leaf is out of control.

The influx of students not only means that campus is busier, but also signifies the return of student voices.

Whether it be speaking up in seminars and classes, talking with the administration to restructure and improve the curriculum, or just sharing their passions, health and science related or not, it is abundantly clear that UCSF students have something to say and want to make their voices heard.

I joined the Synapse team last year as a copy-editor, and after making it through the bumpy ride that is the first year of a PhD program, I came out on the other end wanting to be more involved. Wanting to make my voice heard.

This year I will be taking on the exciting role of editor-in-chief of Synapse. In this role I hope to help shape a publication that authentically reflects the interests of students at UCSF, with stories as diverse as the student body.

Synapse is written by students for students and we want you to share with us the stories that matter to you. Stories that help build and strengthen communities here at UCSF. Stories that promote discussion and change. Stories that teach us something new about our world.

To help us share your stories we have a newly designed website that makes it easier than ever before to read about what matters to your fellow students and have your own voice heard. Also,

keep a lookout for our next weekly newsletter, delivered directly to your inbox every Tuesday during the academic year.

Looking forward to hearing from you!