Humans of UCSF: Passionate About Prevention

Saturday, October 29, 2016

“I grew up all over the world, but I’ve somehow always lived in the Bay Area on and off. My first exposure to nursing was at a high school career fair; I then decided to shadow different nursing professions. My goal has always been to become a nurse practitioner, but after seven years of bedside nursing, my knowledge of what the job entails has changed. I currently work at a Trauma ICU. I’ve seen patients go through a lot and families make hard decisions. It’s frustrating to see people with a lot of chronic conditions end up in the hospital because they don’t get the primary care they need. I chose to study geriatrics primary care because I want people to benefit from resources, be educated, and prevent them from the point of being in the hospital.”

Susan Naylor

School of Nursing, 1st Year Student