A Call To Action

Graduate Division

Science, public health, and corporate responsibly collide as community members of a West Virginia town struggle for their health against the malpractice of DuPont Chemical in the award-winning 2018 documentary, The Devil We Know: The Chemistry of a Cover Up.

The film is screening at Cole Hall on Thursday, Oct. 11, after capturing the attention of The UCSF Environmental Health Initiative, the Program on Reproductive Health, and the Environment and the Industry Documents Library, who are co-sponsoring the event.

“We are bringing this newly released film to [..] educate the broader community about the impact of toxic chemicals on health, and to underscore the importance of corporate transparency, and using sound science to inform policies that protect public health,” said Annemarie Charlesworth, an event organizer.

The film originally debuted at The Sundance Film festival last January, where it was nominated for the Grand Jury prize. The film also won the Best Call to Action award at The Boulder Film Festival.

The screening at the UCSF Parnassus campus will take place amidst the national backdrop of corporate malfeasance in the opioid epidemic and the spread disinformation online.

Immediately following the screening there will be a follow up question and answer session with panelists from The NRDC, The Green Science Policy Institute, and UCSF.

This will provide the attendees the possibility to learn about the state of activism and how they can get involved. The thesis of any exposé of this sort is that truth and facts well documented will outweigh corporate spin.

To this effect, all of the documents gathered and used by the filmmakers will be donated to the UCSF Chemical Industry Documents Library for public access.

The Thursday event at Cole Hall starts at 5:30 pm. More information can be found here.