The Green Dragon

Graduate Division

Dimming day’s sunset

Metal birds take off ... descend

Head on his shoulder

Bathed in golden rays

Winged dots in the sky roll

Tracing paths that fan out

Like silken strands

Of an invisible cobweb

Jet engines hum

Crowds mill around

The ones closest

Are also bound

To the city of Hallgrímskirkja

Some to stay

And some to hop

On a flight beyond

To continental Europe

The rush and the rise

We soar towards empty skies

Roads below we know

There’s the spot

Where we have spent

Countless hours

Stuck in the 9am commute

Not tomorrow though

And there in the distance

Is the ocean black

Conspicuous in its darkness

Amber dots twinkle

An inky expanse recedes

Bridges and the bay

Dings of the seat belt sign

Sing to the dozing masses

Close your eyes…

He isn’t next to me

One row ahead

But in the other window seat

My watch: 2am

I peek outside hands cupped tight


What do you search for in the darkness?

Does one even look into darkness?

What do you expect from darkness?

Darkness startled me…

Like when you look through a window

And see that the clouds have changed shapes

Or clouds exist

Where there were none

There it is… the light

In all its shades of glory

Shimmering, dancing

Calling out to me

The only person watching

Into the heart of a void

A void that opens up

To more nothingness

Soft feathers of green

Spiralling down gusts of wind

Boreas' signals

Columns of solar wind

Howling yet mute

A mermaid’s tail

It moved down and to the right

Vivid flares of the night

My nose was glued

To the cold, cold window


By this wondrous sight

Cosmic semaphores

From faraway origins

From ultima Thule

Back when the land was colder

And when mammoths walked this same frozen planet

I doubt if they ever

Gazed up with wonder

But if there ever was a curious calf

Who did witness

This majestic sight

Would it have looked twice?

Alas, we’ll never know

It lies buried and preserved

Deep down in the vault

Locked away from time’s menacing grips

Still a player in this game of time.

It's almost as if

I can listen to the dance

Whirling and falling

Like kids on a merry-go-round

Oh, the mirth! The glee!

The pure innocence of genuine delight

Dragon in the sky

With its shiny verdant scales

Snakes up round and round

Has it been an hour? Or two?

Time has flown like only time can do

I could be here, a frozen pane in eternity

Looking out… but only with him awake beside me

And that was it by the jade fog

It diminished inward to a point in space

And I looked longingly…

Half-expecting an encore

But nature doesn’t dance to my tune

Shooting star flashes

The deep blue infinity

Can't feel my wet cheek

It’s just the condensation

Or so I tell myself

4am Pacific Time

And then the sun rose

The cracks below were revealed

In bright sheets of ice