Healthcare Providers Share Social Histories

School of Nursing

The annual storytelling slam event, Social Histories, reminds us all of the importance of trust in healthcare, in patients, and in each other.

The event, held on Wednesday, April 17, invited Bay Area healthcare providers and community members to the Alumni House to share stories from healthcare around the theme Trust.

“Social Histories reminded me of why I chose to go to dental school at UCSF,” said Julianna Ko, a 4th year dental student, “for the opportunities to learn from and work with various health professions. What an inspiring and emotional way to learn about the different ways we care for patients and each other!”

The goal for the event, which was moderated by Dr. Joseph Pace of Tom Waddell Urban, was to generate interest and excitement about primary care from people directly involved in the work.

Social Histories was hosted by the Primary Care Progress chapter at UCSF, with sponsorship from the Associated Students of the School of Nursing, UCSF Student Life, the Associated Students of the School of Medicine, and Primary Progress National.

This year’s Social Histories featured the most diverse line-up to date. There were speakers from every one of UCSF’s interprofessional schools present.

The first half of the event featured three stirring stories, which were recorded and can be found online at

Dr. Marilyn Stebbins, a pharmacist and founder of the Partners in D program opened the evening with a moving story about providing medication management support to a disabled senior with the help of her students.

Dr. Larry Boly then regaled the audience with his experiences breaking from norms early in his career by providing humanizing care to neglected patients.

And Gerri Collins-Bride, a nurse practitioner, closed out the first half of the event with a series of short stories about trust on an individual and team-based level.

After an intermission break for refreshments, Dr. Pace invited Dr. Juliana Morris up to share a story from her days as a medical student learning how to truly develop relationships with patients.

Dr. Casey Nesbit followed with a tale of community engagement and empowerment set across the globe in Malawi.

The evening concluded with an emotional story and powerful musical performance by Dr. Jeffory Eaton, one of the founding dentists of the UCSF Community Dental Clinic.

Social Histories was attended by 80 people including students from each one of UCSF’s professional schools, faculty, and community members.